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Baquet Responds to "Angry Black Woman" Storm

September 24, 2014

Alessandra Stanley tried "to make a profound point"; Google seeks to address employees' hidden biases; fans still love NFL games, but not Goodell, recent events; writer Brill questions why NFL gives money to NABJ; ProPublica offers primer on status of voting rights; bilingual interview too much for Laura Ingraham; restraining order against pro-marijuana TV reporter (9/24/14)

Alessandra Stanley Tried "to Make a Profound Point"

Google Seeks to Address Employees' Hidden Biases

Fans Still Love NFL Games, but Not Goodell, Recent Events

Writer Brill Questions Why NFL Gives Money to NABJ

ProPublica Offers Primer on Status of Voting Rights

Bilingual Interview Too Much for Laura Ingraham

Restraining Order Against Pro-Marijuana TV Reporter

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