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Racial "Blind Spots" Acknowledged at N.Y. Times

September 22, 2014

Public editor responds on "Angry Black Woman" story; reporter drops F-word on air, quits to push pot business; overlooked: TMZ's elevator video was "smoothed out"; William Drummond wins diversity award for J-educators; Will Lee named editor of People magazine website; XXL magazine to be sold, end print edition; reporters banned from Ferguson "town hall" meetings; takedown of NFL team name in the fourth quarter; 67 black media figures reaching back to classrooms Friday (9/22/14)

Public Editor Responds on "Angry Black Woman" Story

Reporter Drops F-Word on Air, Quits to Push Pot Business

Overlooked: TMZ's Elevator Video Was "Smoothed Out"

William Drummond Wins Diversity Award for J-Educators

Will Lee Named Editor of People Magazine Website

XXL Magazine to Be Sold, End Print Edition

Reporters Banned From Ferguson "Town Hall" Meetings

Fox aired a one-minute ad for the 18th season of “South Park” during Sunday's Philadelphia Eagles-Washington Redskins game. (video)

Takedown of NFL Team Name in the Fourth Quarter

"NFL fans watching Sunday's Philadelphia Eagles-Washington Redskins were treated to a rare sight during a fourth-quarter commercial break," the New England Sports Network reported.

"FOX aired a one-minute ad for the 18th season of 'South Park' that was less a promo for the Comedy Central show and more a thorough takedown of the Redskins’ nickname and the controversy surrounding it."

Susan L. Taylor, longtime editor of Essence magazine, explains the HistoryMakers program in a 2010 video.(video)

67 Black Media Figures Reaching Back to Classrooms Friday

"What does service mean in the African American community?" The HistoryMakers organization asked Monday in a news release. "To newspaper veteran George Curry, service means making news accessible to minority communities. To renowned radio personality Frank Ski, service means expanding the reach of urban media, and increasing opportunities for disadvantaged youth.

"To newspaper publisher and editor Amelia Ashley Ward, or television executive Douglas V. Holloway, service means changing the face of media leadership. Service means building a legacy of elite journalism to broadcast journalist Leon Bibb, and redefining television news media to news anchor Barbara Ciara.

"On September 26, 2014, these leaders will join over sixty African American MediaMakers across the nation for a day of service during the 5th Annual Back to School With The HistoryMakers program, as they return to classrooms to encourage students to COMMIT to excellence and finishing their education."

The full list of participating media figures is in the "Comments" section.

The release also said, "Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is chairing the nationwide effort with the goal of having more than 400 black leaders go 'back to school' in 61 cities and 30 states. The program puts HistoryMakers in direct contact with over 25,000 students across the nation, to inspire them with their life's stories and to encourage youth to strive for The theme of the day is 'COMMIT.' The HistoryMakers will personally recount their own school experiences, reflect upon the struggles they encountered on their paths to success and, most importantly, encourage students.  'It makes a difference to hear a message of positive choices from successful, caring adults whom the students can relate to,' says a teacher from the program. . . ."

This columnist will be among the participants.

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