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Armstrong Williams Fears Losing TV Stations

March 21, 2014

To please critics, Sinclair retreats on pledge to sell; NABJ leader "concerned" about Media General-LIN merger; with 77% approval, blacks are biggest backers of ACA; video games said to reflect media view of blacks as violent; NPR ombudsman urges that "Redskins" be avoided; students Say TMZ insults Mexicans, community colleges; Sheila Johnson wants students to watch public affairs (3/21/14)

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To Please Critics, Sinclair Retreats on Pledge to Sell

NABJ Leader "Concerned" About Media General-LIN Merger

With 77% Approval, Blacks Are Biggest Backers of ACA

Video Games Said to Reflect Media View of Blacks as Violent

NPR Ombudsman Urges That "Redskins" Be Avoided

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