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For Some, Race Shapes Views of Paris Coverage

November 18, 2015

Commentators see hypocrisy in positions on refugees; Carson adviser questions candidate's grasp of Middle East; Bobby Jindal is a "charlatan" to Indian American; why no actresses of color grace Hollywood Reporter Cover; Derek Murphy, former USA Today g.m., focuses on future; caretaker given up to 23 months in death of autistic woman; TV film promises more authentic story of first Thanksgiving (11/18/15)

Commentators See Hypocrisy in Positions on Refugees

Carson Adviser Questions Candidate's Grasp of Middle East

Bobby Jindal Is a "Charlatan" to Indian American

Why No Actresses of Color Grace Hollywood Reporter Cover

Derek Murphy, Former USA Today G.M., Focuses on Future

Caretaker Given Up to 23 Months in Death of Autistic Woman

TV Film Promises More Authentic Story of First Thanksgiving

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