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New on Editorial Page: Thuggish Poses

November 16, 2015

Palm Beach Post takes readers to deadly "Facebook wars"; opinion pages turn to communities to keep diversity; honors for exposing "The Death No One Cared About"; with terror attacks, it's location, location, location; Mizzou crisis prompts look at student newspaper diversity; Harvard law profs blast CNN film on sex harassment; Dorothy Bland: I never intended to become national figure; Life magazine's first photo essay by black photographer (11/16/15)

Palm Beach Post Takes Readers to Deadly "Facebook Wars"

Opinion Pages Turn to Communities to Keep Diversity

Honors for Exposing "The Death No One Cared About"

With Terror Attacks, It's Location, Location, Location

Mizzou Crisis Prompts Look at Student Newspaper Diversity

Harvard Law Profs Blast CNN Film on Sex Harassment

Life Magazine's First Photo Essay by Black Photographer

"Fresh from assignments at Vogue and Glamour in 1948, Gordon Parks appeared one morning at Life's New York headquarters, determined to show his portfolio to Wilson Hicks, the magazine's esteemed picture editor,"Maurice Berger wrote for the "Lens" blog Wednesday at the New York Times.

"Mr. Hicks was initially reluctant, but he warmed to Mr. Parks' work and the story he pitched about the gang warfare then plaguing Harlem.

"That meeting resulted in two milestones: The photo essay Mr. Hicks commissioned, 'Harlem Gang Leader,' would be Life’s first by a black photographer, and the first of many for the magazine by Mr. Parks. The project is the subject of an exhibition, 'Gordon Parks: The Making of an Argument,' at the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. . . ."

Berger also wrote, "'The Making of an Argument' is an illuminating exercise in visual and racial literacy, investigating how words and images communicate multifaceted realities, convey points of view and biases, and sway or manipulate meaning. . . ."

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