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Carson Fights One-Two Punch From Media

November 6, 2015

Tales of West Point offer, violent past challenged; Native Americans hail rejection of Keystone pipeline; unmasking of cop's suicide destroys anti-black narrative; website created to aid laid-off Philly journalists; women who escaped from ISIS tell their stories; Adidas to help schools change offensive logos; former Rep. Gus Savage, D-Ill., also owned newspaper; Clinton courts black voters on Ebony website; TV's "Newsroom" couldn't top life at a N.Y. tabloid (11/6/15)

Tales of West Point Offer, Violent Past Challenged

Native Americans Hail Rejection of Keystone Pipeline

Unmasking of Cop's Suicide Destroys Anti-Black Narrative

Website Created to Aid Laid-Off Philly Journalists

Women Who Escaped From ISIS Tell Their Stories

Adidas to Help Schools Change Offensive Logos

Former Rep. Gus Savage, D-Ill., Also Owned Newspaper

Clinton Courts Black Voters on Ebony Website

In an op-ed for ebony.com, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wrote Friday, "We need a new and comprehensive commitment to equity and opportunity for communities of color. That means making major new investments to create jobs and economic opportunity, ensure equal pay for women, and end redlining in housing once and for all.

"It means strengthening access to credit, promoting entrepreneurship, and making it easier to start and grow a business. It means replacing the school-to-prison pipeline with a cradle-to-college pipeline, so every child can live up to his or her God-given potential.

"We need policies that will help overcome the enduring impacts of racism. For instance, I have proposed making universal, high-quality preschool a reality. Low-income African American and Latino children gain the most from high-quality preschool programs — helping close the achievement gap. As president, I will fight to give every child in America the fair start they deserve. . . ."

Meanwhile, TV One announced that "News One Now" is devoting its entire broadcast Monday to covering Clinton's scheduled Saturday town hall meeting in Orangeburg, S.C. Monday's show airs at 7 a.m. Eastern time. The event is being hosted the South Carolina Legislative Black Caucus, and moderated by Roland S. Martin, "News One Now's" host and managing editor.

TV's "Newsroom" Couldn't Top Life at a N.Y. Tabloid

Rubén Rosario, a columnist at the Pioneer Press in St. Paul, Minn., who spent 11 years as a staff writer for the Daily News in New York, told readers Thursday that while recuperating at home, he watched the television series "The Newsroom."

"I saw nothing there — the back-stabbing, the occasionally laughable romantic tensions between co-workers, the journalistic mistakes that supposedly came close to sinking the lead characters — that could top real life.

"I know at my old shop in NYC a black copyboy who spat into a sandwich and then delivered it to a racist editor who frequently called him 'boy.'

"I know about a copy editor who stood atop the desk of his despised boss and, essentially, did a Number One on it.

"I know a late columnist who flung his typewriter through a sixth-floor window during a temper tantrum at an equally short-fused city editor. The two men bent elbows at the local print tavern hangout hours later. Heck, maybe I should write a TV series. . . . "

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