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And Now, a Case of "Sitting While White"

November 4, 2015

"Bland got off easy," columnist writes of tasered man; 46 laid off at Philly Inquirer, Daily News, Philly.com; K.C. Star sells out of World Series victory papers; Tribune agrees with Spike Lee: This is an emergency; columnist "suspected" boxer was lying about porn role; "SNL" pulls promo with Trump calling Carson a "loser"; public radio, TV project to "engage" diverse new audiences; young journalists report from world's danger zones (11/4/15)

"Bland Got Off Easy," Columnist Writes of Tasered Man

46 Laid Off at Philly Inquirer, Daily News, Philly.com

K.C. Star Sells Out of World Series Victory Papers

Tribune Agrees With Spike Lee: This Is an Emergency

Columnist "Suspected" Boxer Was Lying About Porn Role

"SNL" Pulls Promo With Trump Calling Carson a "Loser"

Public Radio, TV Project to "Engage" Diverse New Audiences

Young Journalists Report From World's Danger Zones

"FUSION today announced it has picked up a ten-episode season of 'Unreported World,'" the network, a joint project of Disney/ABC Television Network and Univision Communications, Inc., announced on Wednesday.

"The series follows dynamic, young journalists as they travel to dangerous locations all over the world to report stories that go uncovered or are flat out ignored by mainstream media.

"'Unreported World' will be anchored by FUSION's Dan Lieberman, Kimberly Brooks, and Mariana Atencio with reporting by Ade Adepitan, Nelufar Hedayat, Kiki King, Ramita Navai, Mary-Ann Ochota, and Seyi Rhodes. 'Unreported World' premieres with two back-to-back episodes Wednesday, November 11 @ 9P, followed by 'NIGHTLINE on FUSION.' . . . "

Fusion said the first topics are Kobani, a town in Northern Syria that was under siege by ISIS; female health workers who risk their lives daily, defying death threats from the Taliban, in order to immunize Pakistan's children against polio; San Pedro Sula in Honduras, which has the world's highest murder rate; and Egypt, which has experienced a "shocking" increase in sexual assaults and harassment of women. The series airs internationally on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom.

Top Black Twitter Engineer Quits Over Diversity Issues

"Twitter Engineering Manager Leslie Miley, the only black engineer in a leadership position at Twitter, just publicly announced that he has left the company,"Megan Rose Dickey reported Tuesday for TechCrunch.

"In his post, he says his reasons for leaving have everything to do with the way Twitter is addressing diversity and inclusion.

"Though Miley was laid off as part of Twitter's cuts in October, he says he had already told Twitter that he had planned on leaving at the end of October. He also passed on the severance package so that he could speak openly about his experience at Twitter. So, it seems as if Twitter was hoping to silence Miley by bundling him into the company's layoffs.

"A particular low moment for Miley, he wrote, happened when he asked a question at Twitter's engineering leadership meeting about what specific steps Twitter engineering was taking to increase diversity. Twitter's senior VP of Engineering responded, 'diversity is important, but we won't lower the bar.' Miley did not name names in his post. A visit to the leadership page on Twitter's website will reveal that the company's SVP of engineering is Alex Roetter.

"The tipping point for Miley, who joined Twitter in January 2013, came after meeting with Roetter to discuss Miley's idea for a job proposal that focused on increasing diversity in engineering at Twitter. They both agreed that it was important to track the ethnicity of potential candidates in order to better understand where candidates were dropping out of the employment pipeline, Miley wrote on Medium.

"Where the two disagreed was around how to track the ethnicities of the candidates. . . ."

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