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More to the Story of Jackie Robinson West

February 16, 2015

Writers link circumstances to conditions on South Side; Ta-Nehisi Coates wins Polk Award for reparations story; Carr died of complications from lung cancer, autopsy says; bringing the New Yorker icon into the 21st century; ratings fall for "NBC Nightly News" after Williams exit; studies show we're influenced by movie "facts" that aren't; we're already having national conversation on race; Southern Chinese lion dancing for the New Year; "SNL40" sets record, but how many Latinos? (2/16/15)

Writers Link Circumstances to Conditions on South Side

Ta-Nehisi Coates Wins Polk Award for Reparations Story

Carr Died of Complications From Lung Cancer, Autopsy Says

Bringing the New Yorker Icon Into the 21st Century

Ratings Fall for "NBC Nightly News" After Williams Exit

Studies Show We're Influenced by Movie "Facts" That Aren't

We're Already Having National Conversation on Race

Southern Chinese Lion Dancing for the New Year

"Southern Chinese lion dancing comes from an ancient tale,"Andrew Boryga wrote Friday for the New York Times "Lens" blog. "Terrorized by a mythical monster, a horde of villagers descended from the mountains and huddled under an enormous monster of their own in an attempt to repel the beast. Year after year, to the accompaniment of firecracker bursts and drums, the ritual is repeated as protection against evil spirits. At least that's one version.

"'Everyone tells it differently,' said Jason Lam.

"For him, lion dancing was an easy transition from martial arts, and from middle school to college. He was a regular practitioner of the quick-footed routine performed under heavy and intricate costumes. Like most lion dancers, he took to the stage during anniversaries, birthdays, store openings and parades for celebrations like the Chinese New Year, Feb. 19 this year.

"While studying at the International Center of Photography last year, Mr. Lam decided to step outside the lion costume to view the tradition he said serves as a hinge between his Asian ancestry and American upbringing. . . ."

"SNL40" Sets Record, but How Many Latinos?

"It's hard to capture people's attention for three-and-a-half hours (four if you include the red carpet), but Saturday Night Live's 40th Anniversary Special did just that, and it easily broke two Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings records,"Adam Flomenbaum reported Monday for LostRemote.

However, Félix Sánchez, chairman and co-founder of the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts, noted Sunday on the Latino Rebels blog that "SNL has never hired a Latina cast member, yet they have brown-faced actors to play Latinas in skits. Only two Latinos have ever been cast on the show: Horatio Sanz and Fred Armisen, and the show's recent Latino-themed skits have only highlighted the problems." On Twitter, some guessed how long it would be before a Latino appeared.

In a scripted portion of the show, Ellen Cleghorne, one of only a handful of black female SNL alums, asked Jerry Seinfeld, "So, how many black women were on the Seinfeld show?" Seinfeld replied, "Good point, Ellen, we did not do all we could to cure society's ills, you are correct. Uh, mea culpa. [He turns away.] Other questions?,"Ross Miller reported Monday for theverge.com.

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