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David Carr Nurtured Young Black Journalists

February 13, 2015

N.Y. Times columnist boosted Ta-Nehisi Coates, Jelani Cobb; in 24 hours, Obama's goofy video gets 25 million views; Obama critical of HBCUs in meeting with Black Caucus; pundits abroad call western media slow on N.C. killings; media dig for further Brian Williams untruths; 30 news outlets agree to rules for freelancers in war zones; black ex-CIA officer, accused of leaking, appeals conviction; story previews Whitlock's site on race, sports, culture (2/13/15)

N.Y. Times Columnist Boosted Ta-Nehisi Coates, Jelani Cobb

In 24 Hours, Obama's Goofy Video Gets 25 Million Views

Obama Critical of HBCUs in Meeting With Black Caucus

Pundits Abroad Call Western Media Slow on N.C. Killings

Media Dig for Further Brian Williams Untruths

30 News Outlets Agree to Rules for Freelancers in War Zones

Black Ex-CIA Officer, Accused of Leaking, Appeals Conviction

Story Previews Whitlock's Site on Race, Sports, Culture

The Undefeated, an ESPN site on race, sports, and culture for African Americans, which columnist Jason Whitlock once dubbed "Black Grantland," released its first story Thursday in preparation for the NBA All-Star Weekend, Chris Ip reported Thursday for Columbia Journalism Review.

"A prelude to the site's full launch as early as June, the story was posted to ESPN.com. It is a 9,000-word profile of controversial pundit and former NBA star Charles Barkley that traces his outspoken comments on race to Booker T. Washington and their shared home state of Alabama.

"The profile is an example of the kind of reporting Whitlock, the site's founder, says can use sports as a lens to look at larger society. . . ."

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