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World Shrugs at Reported Killing of 2,000 in Nigeria

January 12, 2015

Paris assault overshadows Boko Haram's biggest massacre; surviving Charlie Hebdo staff puts Muhammad on the cover; It's final: NABJ, NAHJ to meet together in D.C. for 2016; 350 Stuart Scott mourners depart to "Rapper's Delight"; Al Martinez, longtime L.A. Times columnist, dies at 85; Michaela Pereira promoted on one show, leaving another; documentary on Selma march still available on DVD (1/12/15)

Paris Assault Overshadows Boko Haram's Biggest Massacre

Surviving Charlie Hebdo Staff Puts Muhammad on the Cover

It's final: NABJ, NAHJ to Meet Together in D.C. for 2016

350 Stuart Scott Mourners Depart to "Rapper's Delight"

Al Martinez, Longtime L.A. Times Columnist, Dies at 85

Michaela Pereira Promoted on One Show, Leaving Another

Documentary on Selma March Still Available on DVD

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