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What the Editor Learned From Directing Ferguson Coverage

January 9, 2015

"Many leaped to conclusions often abetted by social media"; in Paris killings, a few challenge the dominant narrative; news outlets called out for ignoring NAACP bombing; 13 Mexican police held in journalist's disappearance; Gumbel: Too much sports coverage is "terribly sycophantic"' . . . Mueller report says NFL had not seen elevator video (1/9/15)

"Many Leaped to Conclusions Often Abetted by Social Media"

In Paris Killings, a Few Challenge Dominant Narrative

News Outlets Called Out for Ignoring NAACP Bombing

13 Mexican Police Held in Journalist's Disappearance

Gumbel: Too Much Sports Coverage Is "Terribly Sycophantic

. . . Mueller Report Says NFL Had Not Seen Elevator Video

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