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Sister2Sister Magazine Files for Bankruptcy

October 27, 2014

Publisher says she'll focus on online edition; Native school shooter had "foot in each of two worlds"; Stevie Wonder visits FCC to aid visually impaired; three women of the black diaspora; on CNN's media show, 11 fuests of 146 were black; advice from BuzzFeed's Ebola reporter: Break the rules; Asian Americans energized despite lack of attention; Justice Dept. urged to probe abuses of press in Ferguson; a photographer with fingers crossed, eyes wide open (10/27/14)

Publisher Says She'll Focus on Online Edition

Native School Shooter Had "Foot in Each of Two Worlds"

Stevie Wonder Visits FCC to Aid Visually Impaired

Three Women of the Black Diaspora

On CNN's Media Show, 11 Guests of 146 Were Black

Advice from BuzzFeed's Ebola Reporter: Break the Rules

Asian Americans Energized Despite Lack of Attention

Justice Dept. Urged to Probe Abuses of Press in Ferguson

"This report compiles 52 alleged violations of freedom of the press during the Ferguson protests," the PEN American Center reported on Sunday. "These infringements contravene a right that is protected under both the U.S. Constitution and international human rights law."

"On the basis of these findings, PEN American Center calls upon the U.S. Department of Justice to carry out investigations into violations of press freedom that took place in the context of the Ferguson protests.

"Such investigations would shed essential light on the factors that drove law enforcement officers in Ferguson to infringe on media freedoms, and on the necessary steps to ensure that in an era of instantaneous transmission, cell phone cameras and citizen journalists, the rights of members of the press and of the public at large are upheld in the context of protests and public assemblies. . . ."

New York Times photographer Ozier Muhammad weighed how to produce the right image during an event as large as last month's People's Climate March. (video)

A Photographer With Fingers Crossed, Eyes Wide Open

"There are days when everything works out for a newspaper photographer and he or she comes up with perfect photos that waltz onto Page 1," the editors of the New York Times "Lens" blog wrote on Thursday. "But more often than not, the photographer is just doing his or her best to make a good image in less than ideal circumstances.

"For Ozier Muhammad, a staff photographer for The Times, the People's Climate March last month in New York was a big example of one such challenging situation. And the Times video journalist Deborah Acosta followed him to document his day for Lens.

"During the course of the assignment, Mr. Muhammad, 64, told Ms. Acosta that 'it's hard to find a picture' when an event is so large. . . ."

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