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Radio Host Ballentine Found Guilty of Fraud

October 24, 2014

"People's lawyer" accused of bilking lenders of $10 million; terrorists targeting Western journalists, FBI warns; leaks on Michael Brown autopsy said to favor officer; Ebola victims nameless, voiceless, says Nigerian American; NBCUniversal settles unpaid intern suit for $6.4 million; writer denies Americans are in information cocoons; Chicago Defender names first female top editor (10/24/14)

"People's Lawyer" Accused of Bilking Lenders of $10 Million

Terrorists Targeting Western Journalists, FBI Warns

Leaks on Michael Brown Autopsy Said to Favor Officer

Ebola Victims Nameless, Voiceless, Says Nigerian American

NBCUniversal Settles Unpaid Intern Suit for $6.4 Million

Writer Denies Americans Are in Information Cocoons

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