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An Apology for Whitewashing Slavery

October 6, 2014

Magazine trashed book on forced free labor, U.S. economy; Boston Herald to meet With NAACP over staff diversity; Turner Broadcasting to cut workforce by 10%; at Dallas Weekly, a "few folk here rather upset"; 2 black networks partner for 5½ hours of news daily; Sarah Glover to edit social media for NBC O&Os; "CBS Evening News" airing "long look" at L.A. dropouts; cartoon on India's mission to Mars scored as in poor taste.(10/6/14)

Magazine Trashed Book on Forced Free Labor, Economy

Boston Herald to Meet With NAACP Over Staff Diversity

Turner Broadcasting to Cut Workforce by 10%

At Dallas Weekly, a "Few Folk Here Rather Upset"

2 Black Networks Partner for 5½ Hours of News Daily

Sarah Glover to Edit Social Media for NBC O&Os

"CBS Evening News" Airing "Long Look" at L.A. Dropouts

Cartoon on India's Mission to Mars Scored as in Poor Taste

"Last week, India became the first Asian nation to reach Mars, and the first in the world to do so on its first attempt,"Sharanya Haridas wrote Sept. 30 for the Huffington Post.

"The spacecraft called Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) in English and 'Mangalyaan' or 'mars craft' in Hindi was launched in November and reached the orbit on Wednesday, to much jubilation from the public.

"India's first interplanetary mission is all the more creditable because, at $72 million, Mangalyaan cost just a fraction of NASA's $670 million Maven, and $2 billion Curiosity Rover. It also cost less than to produce the film Gravity, and at Rs.7 or 11 cents, per kilometer, cost less than the per-kilometer cost of commuting by autorickshaw in most Indian cities.

"So yesterday's New York Times' comic by Heng, titled 'India's budget mission to Mars' seems in poor taste. . . ."

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