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Baquet Seeks More Diverse N.Y. Times Readership

October 1, 2014

Honored by N.Y. black journalists, editor urges outreach; public TV boards dominated by corporate interests; feds urged to investigate treatment of journalists in Ferguson; 3 FCC commissioners say "Redskins" term is offensive; readers weigh in on "Top 10 House Negroes in America"; Boston Herald columnist apologizes for Obama cartoon; Sharpton offers "preacher status" to donors; Jeter website to enable athletes to bypass reporters (10/1/14)

Honored by N.Y. Black Journalists, Editor Urges Outreach

Public TV Boards Dominated by Corporate Interests

Feds Urged to Investigate Treatment of Ferguson Journalists

3 FCC Commissioners Say "Redskins" Term Is Offensive

Readers Weigh In on "Top 10 House Negroes in America"

Boston Herald Artist Apologizes for Obama Cartoon

Sharpton Offers "Preacher Status" to Donors

Jeter Website to Enable Athletes to Bypass Reporters

"Despite years of politely fending off reporters' questions or offering responses that veered toward the bland, Derek Jeter is joining the news media,"David Walstein reported Wednesday for the New York Times. "On Wednesday, just three days after playing his final baseball game, Jeter announced that he would publish The Players' Tribune, a website that gives athletes a forum to express their thoughts and feelings.

"According to a news release, athletes will be able to share first-person accounts, videos, podcasts, photographs and polls on the site. Jeter said he would be closely involved. . . ."

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