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J-Group Sees Future in Techno-Color

September 29, 2014

Online news assn. conference makes strides in diversity; "Segregation Now" series wins twice at ONA awards; Holder seen as the "race man" Obama didn't want to be; Knight Foundation gives CUNY $1.2 million for diversity; Calif. media not editorializing on Confederate flag curb; MSNBC, contributor Goldie Taylor part company; sports editors seek applications for management candidates (9/29/14)

Online News Assn. Conference Makes Strides in Diversity

"Segregation Now" Series Wins Twice at ONA Awards

Holder Seen as the "Race Man" Obama Didn't Want to Be

Knight Foundation Gives CUNY $1.2 Million for Diversity

Calif. Media Not Editorializing on Confederate Flag Curb

MSNBC, Contributor Goldie Taylor Part Company

Sports Editors Seek Applications for Management Candidates

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