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Web Fails Blacks, Latinos on Coverage

September 17, 2014

"Their communities not paid much attention in the news"; new Washington Post blog focuses on visual narratives; whites catching Ebola virus gives disease visibility; Fareed Zakaria denies accusation of serial plagiarism; younger Latinos said to be less assimilationist in mindset; too many sports writers too cozy with the NFL?; fan of black papers creates only site linking to them (9/17/14)

"Their Communities Not Paid Much Attention in the News"

New Washington Post Blog Focuses on Visual Narratives

Whites Catching Ebola Virus Give Disease Visibility

Fareed Zakaria Denies Accusation of Serial Plagiarism

Younger Latinos Said to Be Less Assimilationist in Mindset

Too Many Sports Writers Too Cozy With the NFL?

Fan of Black Papers Creates Only Site Linking to Them

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