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"Why Was Michael Brown's Body Left There for Hours?"

September 15, 2014

St. Louis paper compiles "most comprehensive" account; whites, blacks split on whether shooting was justified; Movement Veteran says organizing doesn't get its due; Peterson case prompts discussion of black discipline; lead sentence of column on Ray Rice gets a "WTF?"; Vox.com hires Jenée Desmond-Harris of The Root; Michel Martin to host forums in N.Y., Charlotte, Dallas, Miami. (9/15/14)

St. Louis Paper Compiles "Most Comprehensive" Account

Whites, Blacks Split on Whether Shooting Was Justified

Movement Veteran Says Organizing Doesn't Get Its Due

Peterson Case Prompts Discussion of Black Discipline

Lead Sentence of Column on Ray Rice Gets a "WTF?"

Vox.com Hires Jenée Desmond-Harris of The Root

Michel Martin to Host Forums in N.Y., Charlotte, Dallas, Miami

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