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Does TMZ Deserve Kudos After Rice Suspension?

September 8, 2014

Debate over who was gutless and who unethical; Huffington Post M.E. leaves amid harassment investigation; Pam Oliver says age might have been factor in her removal; AP finds gap between Latino communities, number of Latino cops; why blacks are still Obama's most faithful supporters; La Opinión blasts Obama delay on immigration; Days, New Haven Register honored for diversity leadership; Donte Stallworth explains interest in national security (9/8/14)

Debate Over Who Was Gutless and Who Unethical

Huffington Post M.E. Leaves Amid Harassment Investigation

Pam Oliver Says Age Might Have Been Factor in Her Removal

AP Finds Gap Between Latino Communities, Number of Latino Cops

Why Blacks Are Still Obama's Most Faithful Supporters

Donte Stallworth Explains Interest in National Security

"Donte Stallworth, the former NFL player hired to a fellowship at the Huffington Post, says that journalists Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald 'catapulted' his interest in national security reporting,"Erik Wemple wrote Thursday for the Washington Post.

"'I befriended Glenn, and we've been pretty close for a year now and same thing with Jeremy Scahill.' Last year, Stallworth, whose playing career spanned 11 years with teams such as the New Orleans Saints and the Cleveland Browns, last year co-hosted the Miami premiere of Scahill’s film 'Dirty Wars.'

"Now Stallworth will be working the beat for the Huffington Post, though he's not sure what topics he'll focus on. 'As I start to do some projects and start working with the guys and gals over there at Huffington Post, then we’ll get down to some specifics,' he says.

"As for Stallworth's experience in writing stories, he cited two pieces that he'd done for the lefty website Think Progress — one on Michael Sam and NFL 'distractions' and another on Robert Griffin III. According to Stallworth, that’s the extent of his published archive.

"But that doesn’t include Twitter, of course, a platform on which Stallworth has been prolific — perhaps too prolific. . . ."

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