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Disease From Child Migrants Called Unlikely

July 9, 2014

Administration disagrees with assertions by columnists; media groups call out Obama on suppression of news; Inquirer promotes Clark, Escobar to managing editors; China signs agreement for study visits from HBCUs; veteran photog, 83, denied credentials at BET Awards; Menendez story could have been smear by Cuban agents; Shawna Thomas given digital role at "Meet the Press"; Jezebel said to miss opportunity for diversity; blogger for Redskins quits after old tweets surface (7/9/14).

Administration Disagrees With Assertions by Columnists

Media Groups Call Out Obama on Suppression of News

Inquirer Promotes Clark, Escobar to Managing Editors

China Signs Agreement for More Study Visits From HBCUs

Veteran Photog, 83, Denied Credentials at BET Awards

Jezebel Said to Miss Opportunity for Diversity

The failure to name deputy editor Dodai Stewart for the top job at Jezebel rankles for racial reasons as well as the perceived undervaluing of Stewart's personal and professional qualities, staffers and admirers say.

Emma Carmichael, editor of the Hairpin, was given the job. 

"Stewart is one of the few women of color on Jezebel’s masthead and the longest-serving staffer at the site, having been hired by founding editor Anna Holmes shortly after the site launched in 2007,"Peter Sterne wrote Monday for capitalnewyork.com. "In the past year, she has also assumed a larger role in running the site, three people familiar with the site's internal workings told Capital."

Sterne also wrote, "But the decision to hand the site to a young white woman instead of Stewart — a black woman who has been working at the site since Carmichael was still in college — rubs some current and former staffers the wrong way, especially since the site has been criticized in the past for its handling of race issues.

"'I would not say that I think it is like a racist action, but it is kind of a missed opportunity,' one staffer said. 'The race thing would have been a really wonderful — just like to have a really well-established Black woman who is so good at her job running the site would have been great.'

"'But that's not the crux of what's disappointing about Dodai not getting the job,' the staffer added. 'She deserves it.' . . ."

Sterne added, "Gawker owner Nick Denton told Capital in an instant message conversation that Carmichael will bring a slightly different editorial direction for the site, though he declined to go into detail. . . ."

Blogger for Redskins Quits After Old Tweets Surface

"Eight years after 'macaca,'Ben Tribbett has found himself in the middle of a second name-calling debate,"Michael Phillips wrote Tuesday for the Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch. "This time, though, he's the one holding his tongue.

"Tribbett, a political blogger . . . abruptly resigned from a position with the Washington Redskins on Monday after two weeks on the job. He had been hired to defend the team against protest groups advocating a name change.

"The Oneida Indian Nation, a group funding the name-change movement, posted a series of online comments made several years ago by Tribbett at a casino that appeared to be derogatory to Native Americans.

"'Just took Chief for his last 300 (dollars),' Tribbett wrote on Twitter. 'I'd call it a scalping but that seems uncalled for.'

"Tribbett said the tweets were taken out of context. He said he was playing cards with a man wearing a Native American headdress, and that it was not meant as a broad generalization.

"Still, he resigned his position with the Redskins so as not to be a distraction to the team in its efforts. . . ."

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