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Protecting Slavery Is Motive in New July 4 Narrative

June 30, 2014

Did colonists fear England's moves against black bondage?; C-SPAN3 to cover 50th anniversary of Civil Rights Act; judge throws out Zimmerman suit against NBC; diversity of NPR listeners on par with college grads; people of color own 3% of commercial FM stations; news media played role in wrongful convictions; ex-chair says FCC could pull Redskins owner's licenses; El Diario accusations have impreMedia in crisis node; Nigerian government hires U.S. P.R. firm over Boko Haram (6/30/14)

Returning July 7, barring breaking news

Did Colonists Fear England's Moves Against Black Bondage?

El Diario Accusations Have ImpreMedia in Crisis Mode

"Accusations of harassment, racism, elitism and union busting from El Diario employees, who claim their support of the Newspaper Guild of NY made them a target for termination[,] has impreMedia, the paper's parent company, in crisis mode,"Veronica Villafañe reported Friday for her Media Moves column.

"A round of layoffs announced two weeks ago has sparked major discontent and union action from El Diario’s newspaper workers, including a picket in front of impreMedia's headquarters in New York yesterday.

"About 40 people rallied in support of the 12 people laid off on Friday, June 13. Of those, 8 were union employees, including 4 reporters: Rosa Margarita Murphy, Gloria Medina, Candida Portugués and Héctor Rodríguez, most of whom had been with the company over 12 years. The others were corporate employees in admin and sales positions.

"'The accusations are completely false,'Juan Varela, VP of Content of impreMedia[,] tells Media Moves. 'There is no intention to dismantle the union…. this mess was caused by the tremendous manipulation of a small group of people.' . . . "

Nigerian Government Hires U.S. P.R. Firm Over Boko Haram

"The Nigerian government has signed a contract worth more than $1.2 million with a Washington public relations firm to deal with the fallout from the Boko Haram kidnappings, documents obtained by The Hill show,"Megan R. Wilson reported Thursday for the Hill newspaper, which covers Capitol Hill.

"Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, who is up for reelection in February, is seeking to counter the perception that he has not done enough to combat the Islamic extremists in his country who abducted more than 270 schoolgirls in April.

"To that end, his government has hired Levick, a prominent PR and lobbying firm in Washington, to engage in an effort to change . . . 'the international and local media narrative' surrounding Nigeria's 'efforts to find and safely return the girls abducted by the terrorist organization Boko Haram,' according to a contract document signed June 13. . . ."

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