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Diverse Science and Tech Source List

MIJE Staff
May 29, 2014

Our May 13 #diversitychat, on media, diversity and issues in science and technology coverage, drew dozens of professionals, academics and students. Here is a list of chat participants and communities. Check them out to see if you want to follow some of them and diversify your source list. We want to add to this list so if you know of someone or an organization that should be included, please contact Evelyn Hsu at ehsu@mije.org.


Geology isn't just for crazy white people!

 An online community devoted to promoting nerdiness among women of color. Live tweeter. Ranter. Raver. Geeker Outer. Tweets by @jamiebroadnax

Promoting the professional well-being of African American physicists and physics students within the international scientific community and society at large.

Blacks In Technology is the premier online community for Black techies.


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