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New NPR Chief Has a Model for Diversity

May 9, 2014

Jarl Mohn says Latino listenership nearly doubled in L.A.; buyout of McClatchy service puts 5 blacks' jobs at risk; Matthews no longer "interim" NABJ executive director; citizen activists duped by phony photos of Nigerian firls; over 63 years, many came to take their Jet personally; internal, tech firm backlash to FCC's net neutrality plan MSNBC figures go "extra mile" in Cinco de Mayo apology; whites'"homosexual agenda" cited in support of black press; "senior black correspondent" to take over Colbert slot; Charles E. Rogers dies at 66, N.Y. entertainment columnist (5/9/14)

Jarl Mohn Says Latino Listenership Nearly Doubled in L.A.

Whites'"Homosexual Agenda" Cited in Support of Black Press

Raynard Jackson

Raynard Jackson, a Republican operative and businessman who has been finding a home in many black news outlets as a commentator, wrote this week that among the reasons for supporting the black press are its opposition to the "homosexual agenda" and "amnesty for illegals."

"Black newspaper owners are a better reflection of the true thinking within the Black community and their newspapers better reflect the full range of thinking within the Black community," Jackson wrote.

"Do you really think it is a coincidence that these Black outlets that are owned by white corporations are aggressively pushing a homosexual agenda or amnesty for illegals? This is in keeping with the agendas of these corporations. . . ."

Cloves Campbell Jr., president of the National Newspaper Publishers Association, which represents black community newspaper publishers, did not respond to an inquiry about whether he agreed with Jackson.

Several black media outlets, such as Colorlines, have joined others in the "Drop the I Word" campaign, saying they will refer only to actions, not people, as illegal.

"Senior Black Correspondent" to Take Over Colbert Slot

"Comedy Central isn’t wasting any time — 'Daily Show' correspondent Larry Wilmore will take over Stephen Colbert's time slot in 2015, the network announced Friday night,"Emily Yahr reported for the Washington Post.

“ 'The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore,' created and produced by 'Daily Show' host Jon Stewart, will debut next January after 'The Colbert Report' wraps up for good this year, airing at 11:30 p.m. Colbert, of course, is heading over to CBS to take over 'The Late Show' from David Letterman in 2015.

"Wilmore, 52, is a familiar face to 'Daily Show' fans — he’s been on the late-night show since 2006 and currently serves as 'Senior Black Correspondent.' In addition, Wilmore, a veteran comedy writer, co-created 'The PJs' (the animated show with Eddie Murphy) as well as the Emmy-winning 'Bernie Mac Show.' Fans of 'The Office' might also recognize him as the guy who ran the 'Diversity Day' seminar; he also served as a consulting producer on the NBC comedy series. . . ."

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