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Harris-Perry's Apology Doesn't Quiet Controversy

January 6, 2014

Politics, race, Mormonism and babies a volatile mix; NBCLatino's Chris Peña apparently leaves network; "SNL" hires black woman after auditioning two dozen; N.Y. Times finds War on Poverty kept rate from climbing higher; older blacks less likely to go online than white seniors; Detroit's Suzette Hackney joins Toledo Blade opinion pages (1/6/13)

Politics, Race, Mormonism and Babies a Volatile Mix

NBCLatino's Chris Peña Apparently Leaves Network

"SNL" Hires Black Woman After Auditioning Two Dozen

N.Y. Times: War on Poverty Kept Rate From Climbing Higher

Older Blacks Less Likely to Go Online Than White Seniors

Detroit's Suzette Hackney Joins Toledo Blade Opinion Pages

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