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JFK Cemented Ties With Blacks

November 18, 2013

President John F. Kennedy speaks at a news conference on April 12, 1961, in the Journalists shared in determined hope of the era; Kennedy wooed Ebony, Jet publisher John H. Johnson; Al Ortiz, CBS News exec, assigned to investigate misstep; Al Jazeera America ratings too low to be reported; Armstrong Williams wins OK to purchase two TV stations; like it or not, David Gregory's going to say "Obamacare"; rapper Kendrick Lamar boycotting GQ over compliment; USA Today revises "race-themed" headline on "Best Man" (11/18/13)

Journalists Shared in Determined Hope of the Era

USA Today Revises "Race-Themed" Headline on "Best Man"

"USA Today set off a social media storm Sunday with a headline on its box-office story that many found racially insensitive,"Todd Cunningham wrote Sunday for the Wrap.

"'"Holiday" Nearly Beat "Thor" as Race-Themed Films Soar' was the original headline that the publication posted online and sent out on Twitter. Universal's romantic comedy sequel from writer-director Malcolm D. Lee did surprisingly well with $30.5 million this weekend, as it debuted against the Marvel superhero sequel, which took in $38.4 million.

"When that headline drew a blast of complaints, it was soon changed, to '"Holiday" Nearly Beats "Thor" as Ethnically Diverse Films Soar.' The original tweet was deleted, too.

"Most of the complaints struck a similar chord.

"'USA Today calls movies with black people in them race-themed' Cos black people are a genre. Like superhero movies' tweeted Sindi Nikosi.

"'So according to USA Today any any movie showing Black people acting like humans is considered a race-themed movie,' said T. Brown via Twitter."

"Why are movies that star people of color 'race-themed' but movies starring whites are not USA Today?" tweeted April. "Is friendship a race theme?"

Ultimately, the headline read: "’Best Man Holiday’ Nearly Beats Mighty 'Thor.'" An editor's note explained the change in headlines.

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