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Poor Writing, Race and a Suspect History

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November 13, 2013

Columnist Richard Cohen hoist with his own petard; "$200 for every red-skin sent to Purgatory"; black press group says NFL neglects black businesses; Philippines knocked off some Far East front pages; Tanzina Vega named to new N.Y. Times race beat; LatinoVoices picks 13 "top young Latinos" in newsrooms; AAJA wants to "remain engaged" with ex-Unity groups; China joins critics of Kimmel show; Disney should worry (11/13/13)

Columnist Richard Cohen Hoist With His Own Petard

In a children's segment on ABC's late-night "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" show, a little

China Joins Critics of Kimmel Show; Disney Should Worry

"With big plans for China, the Walt Disney Co. (DIS) can't afford a long fight over the now-infamous segment on Disney-owned ABC last month in which a little blond-haired boy told Jimmy Kimmel that the U.S. should fix its financial problems by killing all the people in China,"Bruce Einhorn reported Tuesday for Bloomberg Businessweek.

"Gee, don't kids say the darndest things? The comedian didn't help matters by following up the tot's comment by asking the other children on the panel, 'Should we allow the Chinese to live?' Chinese-Americans are understandably upset and have demanded apologies from Kimmel and ABC.

"Now the Chinese government is getting in on the umbrage action, with a spokesman yesterday calling on the network to 'respond to the Chinese community's demand in a sincere way,' the official Xinhua news agency reported. According to Xinhua, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang added that 'spreading racism and hatred goes against the media's social responsibility.'

"In a worrisome sign for Disney, the call for an apology came after ABC had indeed apologized. . . ."

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