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Don Lemon Protests, "I Am Not Supporting Stop-and-Frisk"

November 6, 2013

CNN anchor reviled for commentary on Joyner radio show; AP, N.Y. Times say "terrorist" not so easy to define; Elizabeth Vargas checks into rehab over alcohol abuse; Arlene Morgan leaves Columbia J-School after 13 years; health-care snafu overshadows cuts in aid to poor; Obama team leaked GOP plan on Rev. Wright, book says; N.Y.'s El Diario: New mayor should name diversity chief; D.C. City Council urges NFL team to change name (11/6/13)

CNN Anchor Reviled for Commentary on Joyner Radio Show

AP, N.Y. Times Say "Terrorist" Not So Easy to Define 

Elizabeth Vargas Checks Into Rehab Over Alcohol Abuse

Arlene Morgan Leaves Columbia J-School After 13 Years

D.C. City Council Urges NFL Team to Change Name

"In the latest challenge to the Washington Redskins' name, District [of Columbia] lawmakers voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to call on the team to change it, saying it is widely recognized as 'racist and derogatory,'" Mike DeBonis and Aaron C. Davis reported Tuesday for the Washington Post.

"'Enough is enough — the name must go,' said David Grosso (I-At Large), who first introduced the name-change resolution in May.

"The version of the 'Sense of the Council to Rename the Washington National Football League Team Resolution of 2013' approved by the council was worded less strongly than the original, which called the team name 'insulting and debasing.' But Grosso pulled few punches in comments on the council dais.

"The notion that the 'Redskins' name should be kept as a symbol of the team's heritage, he said, 'is akin to saying to the Native American people . . . .  your pain has less worth than our football memories.' . . . "

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