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Monuments to Supremacy: Do Not Disturb?

November 4, 2013

Newspapers won't rock boat on tributes to "Lost Cause"; Ray Suarez joins Al Jazeera America; 2 French journalists kidnapped, killed in northern Mali; editor to staffers: Nothing negative about CBS, please; news media reluctant to call LAX shooter a terrorist; finally, N.Y. Times covers racial profiling in stores (11/4/13)

Newspapers Won't Rock Boat on Tributes to "Lost Cause"

Ray Suarez Joins Al Jazeera America

2 French Journalists Kidnapped, Killed in Northern Mali

Editor to Staffers: Nothing Negative About CBS, Please

News Media Reluctant to Call LAX Shooter a Terrorist

Finally, N.Y. Times Covers Racial Profiling in Stores

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