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James Hawkins, Ex-FAMU Dean, Dies at 64

May 27, 2013

James HawkinsRetired J-educator was at school 34 years; on Memorial Day, connection to freed slaves is muted; undercover journalists stung by Syria's chemical weapons; administration casting wide net for sources who leaked; La. could jail journalists who reveal gun permit holders; would Obama get as much grief if he were Latino?; Soul of the South network makes debut; Kim Bondy, ex-CNN producer, joins Al Jazeera America; from photographer to bus driver to seminary graduate; WikiLeaks: $68,000 in donations, $507,000 in expenses (5/27/13)

Retired J-Educator Was at School 34 Years

On Memorial Day, Connection to Freed Slaves Is Muted

Undercover Journalists Stung by Syria's Chemical Weapons

Administration Casting Wide Net for Sources Who Leaked

La. Could Jail Journalists Who Reveal Gun Permit Holders

Would Obama Get as Much Grief if He Were Latino?

Soul of the South Network Makes Debut

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