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N.Y. Times' Cautious Step on "Illegal" Called "Cowardice"

April 24, 2013

NAHJ scores newspaper after protesters present petitions; Fox News a haven for talk about Muslim threats; fired, then hired, Clemente becomes instant celebrity; Politico piece on N.Y. Times draws sexism charges; Unity urges appointment of pro-diversity FCC chair; Gracie Lawson-Borders named dean at Howard U.; Howard Chua-Eoan, news director at Time, retiring (4/24/13)

NAHJ Scores Newspaper After Protesters Present Petitions

Fox News a Haven for Talk About Muslim Threats

Fired, Then Hired, Clemente Becomes Instant Celebrity

Politico Piece on N.Y. Times Draws Sexism Charges

Unity Urges Appointment of Pro-Diversity FCC Chair

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