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Judge Tells Journalist What Not to Write

February 20, 2013

Ruling conflicts with First Amendment, lawyer says; Ken Moritsugu wins AAJA election from Bangkok; Dorothy Bland leaving FAMU for Texas deanship; Obama said to use new tricks to shape coverage; Robin Roberts returns to "Good Morning America"; New York officials lose bid for "Central Park Five" outtakes; new editor of T Magazine regrets lack of diversity; Kevin Merida's focus wasn't initially on history (2/20/13)

Ruling Conflicts With First Amendment, Lawyer Says

Ken Moritsugu Wins AAJA Election From Bangkok

Dorothy Bland Leaving FAMU for Texas Deanship

Obama Said to Use New Tricks to Shape Coverage

Robin Roberts Returns to "Good Morning America"

New York Officials Lose Bid for "Central Park Five" Outtakes

New Editor of T Magazine Regrets Lack of Diversity

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