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Kevin Merida Named Washington Post M.E.

February 4, 2013

Kevin MeridaMaynard grad is first black journalist to assume the title; Post's first black reporter says it "damn near killed" him; Super Bowl drew huge audience, but not a record; as candidate, Geraldo would have to quit Fox; misreading guns and the civil rights movement; Ballentine's lawyers say he may win hollow victory; Spanish-language paper sees pols'"canny politicking" (2/4/13)

Maynard Grad Is First Black Journalist to Assume the Title

Post's First Black Reporter Says It "Damn Near Killed" Him

Super Bowl Drew Huge Audience, but Not a Record

As Candidate, Geraldo Would Have to Quit Fox

Misreading Guns and the Civil Rights Movement

Ballentine's Lawyers Say He May Win Hollow Victory

Spanish-Language Paper Sees Pols'"Canny Politicking"

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