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Rob Parker Suspended Over RGIII Remarks

December 14, 2012

ESPN pundit questioned quarterback's blackness; school shooting moves ethics questions up front; in '80s, Obama says, he'd be called moderate Republican; given African past, Rice "absolutely" made right call; 2nd fired Shreveport reporter "trying to "lie low"; China Daily establishes African edition; magazine publishes mug shots even for petty crimes; right-to-work laws originated with segregationists. (12/14/12)

ESPN Pundit Questioned Quarterback's Blackness

School Shooting Moves Ethics Questions Up Front

In '80s, Obama Says, He'd Be Called Moderate Republican

Given African Past, Rice "Absolutely" Made Right Call

2nd Fired Shreveport Reporter "Trying to "Lie Low"

China Daily Establishes African Edition

Magazine Publishes Mug Shots Even for Petty Crimes

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