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Now It's the Girls on the Bus

February 10, 2016

NBC's Welker often "the only black woman in the room"; columnists turn attention to deadly football head injuries; . . and others to critics of Beyonce's halftime show; Ferguson urged to end "game of chicken" with Justice Dept.; reporter's own lead problem led to 20-part series; Fusion says it is a majority-minority company; Mexican journalist, mother of two, found dead; rival Pakistani media cooperate to protect one another (2/10/16)

NBC's Welker Often "the Only Black Woman in the Room"

Columnists Turn Attention to Deadly Football Head Injuries

. . . And Others to Critics of Beyoncé's Halftime Show

Ferguson Urged to End "Game of Chicken" With Justice Dept.

Reporter's Own Lead Problem Led to 20-Part Series

Fusion Says It Is a Majority-Minority Company

Mexican Journalist, Mother of Two, Found Dead

Rival Pakistani Media Cooperate to Protect One Another

"Afzal Mughal, a Pakistani journalist from a small newspaper in Quetta, the capital of the Balochistan province, was abducted, in the early morning of November, by a group of armed men who broke into his home while he was asleep,"Chia Lun Huang wrote Tuesday for World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers.

"Normally, stories like this don't make the front pages in Pakistan, which ranks as the sixth deadliest country for journalists according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

"But the new 'Editors for Safety' initiative made all the difference. Instead of letting the case go by unnoticed, a message went out to a new Whatsapp group for Pakistani Editors, informing them of the kidnapping. In less than five minutes, 21 television channels were running the story. Its widespread dissemination even had international broadcasters, such as NBC, pick up the news.

"'Within half an hour, he was back home, albeit badly battered,' [Dawn editor ZaffarAbbas, one of the key conveners of the group, told the World Editors Forum. 'The government was rattled and the home security department stepped in to inquire.'

"Formed in 2015 with the support of the Open Society Foundation, 'Editors for Safety' has a single philosophy: An attack on one journalist is an attack on the whole industry. . . ."

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