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Michael Feeney Fund Quickly Raises $15,000

February 1, 2016

"Doctors didn't see this coming," mom says of fatal illness; Cruz, Sanders say Iowa results have messages for media; Palin squirms when forced to defend blaming Obama; Marty Baron "grateful" for work of blacks leaving for Undefeated; feds released immigrant teens to traffickers; "welcome To America, now spy on your friends"; "Teesee," Chicago Defender columnist, dies at 80; unpublished photos unveiled for Black History Month; how publishing's whiteness affects our reading, writing; falling tree seriously injures pair on weather story (2/1/15)

"Doctors Didn't See This Coming," Mom Says of Fatal Illness

Cruz, Sanders Say Iowa Results Have Messages for Media

Palin Squirms When Forced to Defend Blaming Obama

Marty Baron "Grateful" for Work of Blacks Leaving for Undefeated

Feds Released Immigrant Teens to Traffickers

"Welcome To America, Now Spy On Your Friends"

"Teesee," Chicago Defender Columnist, Dies at 80

How Publishing's Whiteness Affects Our Reading, Writing

"A 2015 survey by Publishers Weekly found that 89 percent of people working at publishing houses are white,"(audio) Sarah Mirk wrote Thursday for her "Popaganda" column on bitchmedia.org.

"There's been a lot of organizing to diversify the publishing industry. For example, a campaign called We Need Diverse Books has been publicizing the demand for more books by and about people of color. But change has been slow. The publishing industry often seems to move at a glacial pace.

"On today's show, we're exploring the impact that the overwhelming whiteness of the publishing industry has on how Americans write, read, and respond to books. We talk with journalists about the complexities of writing about race and hear from authors in Los Angeles, Colorado, and Montana about what it’s like to be a writer of color in a very white industry.

"This show features interviews with author Erika T. Wurth, Northwestern journalism professor Deborah Douglas, and writer/journalism student Rebekah Frumkin, plus essays by Lisa Lee and Ari Laurel. Tune in!"

Falling Tree Seriously Injures Pair on Weather Story

"Two of our own — a 10News photographer and reporter — were injured Monday when a tree came down while they were covering a weather story," the 10News Digital Team reported Monday for KGTV in San Diego.

"The incident happened in the 10100 block of Maya Linda Road in Mira Mesa. A number of trees were down in the area and the team was there doing live reports for the morning newscasts.

"When the tree fell, 10News Photographer Mike Gold managed to call 911 for help. He suffered a compound leg fracture and was undergoing surgery Monday morning. "10News Reporter Marie Coronel was seriously injured and will also require surgery. . . ."

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