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Putin "Creates Climate" for Killing Journalists

December 21, 2015

Trump accepts Russian's praise, says guilt not proved; Rubio, Cruz not the Latino candidates many expected; Success story: "Why I stopped talking like Ben Carson"; R. Kelly walks off "HuffPost Live" interview; Tom Joyner show moving from FM to AM in D.C.; N.Y. Times rethinks anonymous sources after mistake; media faulted in coverage of world refugee crisis; Univision, Televisa to boost training for media, tech jobs; Editorial: Removing statues embraces future, not past (12/21/15)

Trump Accepts Russian's Praise, Says Guilt Not Proved

Rubio, Cruz Not the Latino Candidates Many Expected

Success Story: "Why I Stopped Talking Like Ben Carson"

R. Kelly Walks Off "HuffPost Live" Interview

Tom Joyner Show Moving From FM to AM in D.C.

N.Y. Times Rethinks Anonymous Sources After Mistake

Media Faulted in Coverage of World Refugee Crisis

Univision, Televisa to Boost Training for Media, Tech Jobs

Univision Communications Inc. and Grupo Televisa, S.A.B., "two of the world’s leading media companies focused on serving Hispanics, today announced plans to expand upon their existing programs to provide more opportunities for Latinos in the U.S. media and technology sectors in 2016," the companies said on Monday.

"The new efforts will include a wide variety of education, mentorship and career development programs.

"As the economic, political and cultural impact of Hispanic Americans continues to grow, Univision and Televisa believe it is critically important for Latinos to play a leading role in participating in and shaping the media industry in the United States. Accordingly, the two companies have joined forces to accomplish two overarching goals: 1) Strengthen and expand their existing efforts to increase the pipeline of Latinos in media and technology; and 2) Develop and educate future media leaders and professionals.

"Commenting on the initiative, Alex Nogales the president and CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition, said: 'One of my lifelong goals has been to provide access to careers in media for future generations of U.S. Hispanics, and to create opportunities for Latinos both behind and in front of the camera. That is why we are supporting the joint initiative announced today by Univision and Televisa — because it will create opportunities for a new generation in our industry at this critical time when it's so important for diverse voices to be heard.' . . ."

Under the title "Strengthening the Pipeline of Latinos in Media & Technology," the companies listed:

  • "Production Projects . . .

  • "Writers Programs . . .

  • "Development Fellowships . . .

  • "Incubator Programs . . .

  • "Entrepreneurial Development Opportunities . . .

  • "STEM and Media . . .

  • "School Programs . . .

  • "Scholarships, Internships & Fellowships . . ."

Editorial: Removing Statues Embraces Future, Not Past

"The decision to remove four Confederate monuments from the heart of New Orleans came down to an essential question: What kind of city do we aspire to be?" the editorial board of NOLA.com | the Times-Picayune wrote on Friday under the headline, "With vote to remove Confederate monuments, City Council embraces New Orleans' future."

"Is New Orleans the inclusive, tolerant place we tell the world it is?" it continued. "Are we committed to healing racial divisions? Are we dedicated to fairness and equality?

"We must be.

"That was the essence of the City Council's vote Thursday (Dec. 17) to take down statues of Robert E. Lee, P.G.T. Beauregard, Jefferson Davis and a monument to a Confederate rebellion. . . ."

"The case for moving the statues was powerful. Not only do these monuments honor men who fought for slavery, they are symbols of the institutional oppression of African-Americans during the century after the Civil War.

"Jazz trumpeter Wynton Marsalis eloquently described the damage done in a guest column for NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune: 'The pernicious effects of this legacy are clearly evidenced by gross inequalities in everything from education to housing, to employment and access. We are accustomed to these conditions and perhaps don't see them, but we are capable of being so much more. It's time to live up to our potential, not down to the flaws that we have inherited.' . . ."

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