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Media Refute Trump on Blacks, Arab Americans

November 23, 2015

GOP candidate stands by racially charged misinformation; networks can't agree on challenge to trump on access; Iran sentences Washington Post reporter to prison; Mali's tragedy isn't the same as Paris' or Kenya's; journalists among Ebony's latest "Power 100"; HBO debuts film on "loud music" shooting of Fla. Teen; officer's trial on rape charges draws scant coverage; Terry Foster, unhappy with new beat, leaving Detroit News (11/23/15)

GOP Candidate Stands by Racially Charged Misinformation

Networks Can't Agree on Challenge to Trump on Access

Iran Sentences Washington Post Reporter to Prison

Mali's Tragedy Isn't the Same as Paris' or Kenya's

Journalists Among Ebony's Latest "Power 100"

HBO Debuts Film on "Loud Music" Shooting of Fla. Teen

Officer's Trial on Rape Charges Draws Scant Coverage

Terry Foster, Unhappy With New Beat, Leaving Detroit News

"Longtime Detroit sports columnist Terry Foster is taking an early retirement from The Detroit News,"Bill Shea reported Monday for Crain's Detroit Business. "His last day will be Dec. 27.

"Foster, 56, made the announcement last week on Twitter, saying the decision was rooted in the newspaper's push to have him cover the Detroit Pistons as a full-time beat writer — in an often-grueling slog that involves an 81-game schedule split between the Palace of Auburn Hills and road games around the country.

"Foster will continue to co-host WXYT-FM 97.1' highly rated afternoon sports talk show, he said on Twitter.

"Covering the basketball team full time would have meant Foster couldn't do his full-time radio gig from 2-6 p.m., a job that likely rivals or even exceeds his newspaper salary.

"'The ground work for this was The News wanted me to cover Pistons full time. It conflicted with my radio career. I was mad at first but no longer. No ill will. After a long talk with the wife, who settled me, I realize this is best for me and my family,' Foster tweeted Friday. . . ."

Each of the photographers, above, was given a different description of the subject's background. (video)

A Photo Experiment in Preconceived Notions?

"A photograph is shaped more by the person behind the camera than by what's in front of it," according to the caption accompanying a video posted Nov. 3 by Canon and picked up by several websites.

"To prove this we invited six photographers to a portrait session with a twist. . . ."

"Canon got six pro photographers to shoot a portrait of the same guy in the same location," wrote the caption writer for komando.com. "But they gave each one a different back story. Each shot is so different it's truly incredible.'

Not all readers agreed with the premise, however, and some said the experiment was flawed.

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