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CNN Faulted on Lemon, Lopez Debate Roles

October 14, 2015

Racial subjects too limiting for journalists of color?; a manifesto for increasing diversity in public media; writer says viewers expect too much from BET; Muscogee Council votes autonomy for tribe's media; hateful tirades aimed at Byron Pitts and his producer; Whitlock headed back to Fox Sports after ESPN fail; sports media quiet on player's challenge to police; columnist's "Asian advantage" piece called off-base; Taliban threatens "elimination" of Afghan TV stations (10/14/15)

Racial Subjects Too Limiting for Journalists of Color?

A Manifesto for Increasing Diversity in Public Media

Writer Says Viewers Expect Too Much From BET

Muscogee Council Votes Autonomy for Tribe's Media

Hateful Tirades Aimed at Byron Pitts and His Producer

Whitlock Headed Back to Fox Sports After ESPN Fail

Sports Media Quiet on Player's Challenge to Police

Columnist's "Asian Advantage" Piece Called Off-Base

"If you're still buzzing about Nicholas Kristof's'The Asian Advantage' in Sunday's New York Times, I don't blame you,"Emil Guillermo wrote Monday for the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund.

"Talk about a major infusion of positive stereotype re-enforcement!

"We didn't need it. And, of course, it's wrong. It's Kristof, a Tiger Dad by marriage, letting us know his stripes — about how he feels about us Asian Americans.. . ."

Guillermo also wrote, "Here's what Asian Americans really know to this day: Not all Asian Americans are successful, and even successful Asian Americans know discrimination isn't over. Ask the Harvard grad who can't a job in his field. The bamboo curtain bends but doesn't break. . . ."

Taliban Threatens "Elimination" of Afghan TV Stations

"A Taliban website on Monday threatened journalists associated with two privately owned Afghan TV outlets, Tolo TV and 1TV, with 'elimination,' according to news reports," the Committee to Protect Journalists said on Tuesday.

"According to the statement by the military commission of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, which the Taliban calls itself, the group was designating Tolo TV and 1TV as 'military objectives due to their disrespectful and hostile actions toward the Afghan Mujahid nation.'

"Journalists affiliated with the outlets would be considered enemy personnel and all of the outlets' centers, offices, and dispatched teams will be considered military objectives, 'which will be directly eliminated,' the statement said.

"The statement said Tolo TV and 1TV aired false news and propaganda aimed to 'ridicule religious and cultural norms' and 'inject the minds of youth with ... irreligiousness, immorality, violence.' The commission also posted on Facebook a video statement that showed the pictures of many of the broadcasters' staff members, according to Tolo TV. The Facebook post has since been removed. . . ."

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