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Dutch Paper Uses "N-Word" In Reviewing Coates Book

August 14, 2015

Atlantic writer has defended term, but not used like that; Asian Americans in "candid convos" on newsroom coping; reporter among 6 killed as 5 burst into Mexican bar; suspect held in televised robbery of Bay Area news crews; blacks, whites split on protection offered by gun ownership; Apple workforce is 8% black, 7% Latino; paper calls Jindal on defense of Confederate statues; Gates Foundation gives $4.7M for African newsrooms (8/14/15)

Atlantic Writer Has Defended Term, but Not Used Like That

Asian Americans in "Candid Convos" on Newsroom Coping

Reporter Among 6 Killed as 5 Burst into Mexican Bar

Suspect Held in Televised Robbery of Bay Area News Crews

Blacks, Whites Split on Protection Offered by Gun Ownership

Apple Workforce Is 8% Black, 7% Latino

Paper Calls Jindal on Defense of Confederate Statues

Gates Foundation Gives $4.7M for African Newsrooms

"Code for Africa has received a $4.7 million grant to fund projects using data, drones and sensors to promote health and development journalism across the continent,"Alastair Reid reported Thursday for journalism.co.uk.

"In announcing the funding, founder Justin Arenstein said Code for Africa will use the money from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to support newsrooms in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, before expanding into Tanzania next year.

"'Once you liberate data, you can tell some fantastic stories about what's really going on in the country, which are a lot more up to date than some of the other sources people can get hold of,' said Stephen Abbott-Pugh, who led digital projects at the Guardian and UK Parliament before joining Code for Africa as a Knight International journalism Fellow in June. . . ."

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