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Coverage Deflates Optimism on Race Issues

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August 5, 2015

Six in 10 black men cite bad experience with cops; are outlets with scant diversity not coming forward?; NABJ says CNN kept its word, isn't Convention Sponsor; . . . Stuart Scott to join NABJ Hall of Fame after all; Wickham ends USA Today column after 30 years; Holt brings "Nightly News" best July in 10 years; senator calls Iranians "evil people," gets little coverage; Bad idea: "How white women can have an Afro"; Trump adviser calls Navarro, Martin "quota hires" (8/5/15)

Six in 10 Black Men Cite Bad Experience With Cops

Are Outlets With Scant Diversity Not Coming Forward?

NABJ Says CNN Kept Its Word, Isn't Convention Sponsor

. . . Stuart Scott to Join NABJ Hall of Fame After All

Wickham Ends USA Today Column After 30 Years

Holt Brings "Nightly News" Best July in 10 Years

Bad Idea: "How White Women Can Have an Afro"

Senator Calls Iranians "Evil People," Gets Little Coverage

"Imagine a US senator publicly calling the Chinese 'evil people,'"Ben Norton wrote Monday for Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting.

"Imagine a governor saying African leaders are 'animals.' Imagine a presidential candidate claiming Latinos are 'liars.' In each of these cases, the media would rightfully explode, condemning the politicians for their overt racism.

"A notable exception to this, however, exists in the US political system and media establishment: When politicians make ludicrous claims about Iranians, when Republicans deploy orientalist myths about purportedly bloodthirsty Persians in order to sabotage their own government's attempts at diplomacy, the media largely sit on their hands.

"In a July 29 meeting of the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC), Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) claimed Iranians 'are evil people. They're dangerous.'

"The media completely ignored the extreme statement. A Google search shows it was mentioned in a Military.com article (7/29/15) and a piece on the little-known Rapid News Network that seems to have been subsequently taken down. That is it. That was the extent of its coverage. . . ."

Trump Adviser Calls Navarro, Martin "Quota Hires"

"Under attack, paid Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone is defending his attacks against commentators Roland Martin and Ana Navarro as 'quota hires,'"Eric Hananoki wrote Wednesday for Media Matters for America. "Stone fired off a series of tweets claiming, among other things, that 'If u have and heard Ana [Navarro] and Roland Martin they are so dumb and unqualified that one can reach no other conclusion.'

"Martin strongly criticized Stone and called for Trump to fire him. Navarro retweeted Martin stating that 'Stone can't cite facts. He can't bring anything up. He just slurs me & @ananavarro.'

"Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera also called on Trump to dump Stone, tweeting that Martin and Navarro 'have twice the intellect and integrity of @RogerStone. @realDonaldTrump doesn't need thugs like him.' . . ." Stone then belittled Rivera.

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