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Body-Camera Footage Fuels Viewers' Outrage

July 29, 2015

Networks show video of fatal Cincinnati encounter; Houston protesters denounce cartoon on Sandra Bland case; Philly anchor on leave after husband's indictment; when people feel like the token in the room; Nigerian journalists cope with threat of Boko Haram; Mary Hudetz, past president of NAJA, returning to AP; court papers show alleged Cosby victim is a Lesbian; media firms contribute to anti-immigrant policy makers; Andre Trevigne, New Orleans broadcaster, dies at 66 (7/29/15)

Networks Show Video of Fatal Cincinnati Encounter

Houston Protesters Denounce Cartoon on Sandra Bland Case

Philly Anchor on Leave After Husband's Indictment

When People Feel Like the Token in the Room

Nigerian Journalists Cope With Threat of Boko Haram

Mary Hudetz, Past President of NAJA, Returning to AP

Court Papers Show Alleged Cosby Victim Is a Lesbian

Media Firms Contribute to Anti-Immigrant Policy Makers

"A recent report finds that a group of national media and telecommunications companies are contributing funds to anti-immigrant policy makers, while limiting news access and public affairs issues programming for Latino media consumers," the Los Angeles-based Spanish-language daily La Opinión reported on Tuesday.

"The report, 'Beyond Trump the Immigration Stalemate,' was written by UCLA professor Dr. Raul Hinojosa-Ojeda.

"According to the study, in 2014 companies such as Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, Cox, Time Warner and Dish Network contributed more than $7.8 million to the Republican Party and its candidates.

"In an interview with La Opinión, Hinojosa-Ojeda said the purpose of the report was to expose what he calls 'two-faced' corporations that say they support Latinos and fund Hispanic organizations and politicians, but then contribute large sums of money to anti-immigrant and anti-Latino campaigns.

"In the report's recommendations, Hinojosa-Ojeda called on Latino advocacy groups to stop supporting companies that donate to the electoral campaigns of anti-immigrant politicians. . . ."

Andre Trevigne, New Orleans Broadcaster, Dies at 66

"Andre Trevigne, the longtime New Orleans television and radio broadcaster, whose career included a legendary stint as co-anchor of WWL-TV's Eyewitness Morning News, died Monday. She was 66," Dominic Massa reported Tuesday for WWL-TV.

"Trevigne's son, Bruce Fowler Jr., said his mother died at a hospice after a long illness.

"Trevigne's decade-long stint at WWL-TV in the 1980s and 1990s included her anchoring alongside anchors John Quaintance and Eric Paulsen on Channel 4's morning newscast.

"When she and Paulsen were first teamed together in 1985, they won over fans and earned ratings higher than the network morning shows for their newscast and sometimes acerbic on-air banter.

"'Trevigne was a TV personality without compare, a hard-edged anchor-reporter who paired with Eric Paulsen to redefine morning news in New Orleans,' wrote The Times-Picayune in 1998. 'Eric and Andre were the "Moonlighting" Dave-and-Maddie of TV news, a couple of strong heads whose sometimes pointed on-air exchanges left viewers wondering if they were bantering or battling. . . ."

Massa also wrote, "Trevigne left WWL in 1992 and endured personal tragedy in 1993 when her son, Morris Smith, was murdered. In 1994, Trevigne joined WDSU-TV as a reporter, then turned her personal tragedy into a crusade to help fight crime and highlight the plight of victims, as host of a crime show on WGNO-TV. She was also the station's first news anchor when it switched its network affiliation to ABC. . . "

Trevigne later hosted radio talk shows on WWL-AM and WRNO-FM.

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