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"Shocked" by Obama's Answer About Cosby

July 15, 2015

No timidity in president's condemnation of rape; art critic urges Smithsonian to remove Cosby collection; story on Serena Williams' body rebuked as racist, sexist; judge backs news outlets, unseals Calif. police video; news outlets want gag order lifted on Charleston massacre; Richmond, Va., paper urges "truth and reconciliation"; Bankole Thompson lands as Detroit News columnist; broadband expanding in public housing, Choctaw Nation; Hispanic Republicans score Trump for remarks on Mexicans (7/15/15)

No Timidity in President's Condemnation of Rape

Art Critic Urges Smithsonian to Remove Cosby Collection

Story on Serena Williams' Body Rebuked as Racist, Sexist

Judge Backs News Outlets, Unseals Calif. Police Video

News Outlets Want Gag Order Lifted on Charleston Massacre

Richmond, Va., Paper Urges "Truth and Reconciliation"

Bankole Thompson Lands as Detroit News Columnist

Broadband Expanding in Public Housing, Choctaw Nation

"President Obama announced a pilot program to bring broadband to low-income households in public housing on Wednesday, attempting to close a gap that leaves many without high-speed Internet,"Katie Zezima reported Wednesday for the Washington Post.

"The plan, called ConnectHome, will launch in 27 cities nationwide and is expected to reach 275,000 public-housing households, including 200,000 children. The program will also come to the Choctaw Nation in Oklahoma, where Obama spoke . . . Wednesday. . . ."

Among those applauding the initiative was the National Hispanic Media Coalition, which said in a news release, "The Latino community continues to face significant challenges with home-broadband adoption. According to one recent count, only 53% of American Latinos and 38% of Spanish-dominant American Latinos have home broadband access. Low-income levels are directly correlated to low-broadband adoption. . . ."

The White House listed these locations as part of the pilot program: Albany, Ga.; Atlanta; Baltimore; Baton Rouge, La.; Boston; Camden, N.J.; Choctaw Nation, Okla.; Cleveland; Denver; Durham, N.C.; Fresno, Calif.; Kansas City; Little Rock, Ark.; Los Angeles; Macon, Ga.; Memphis, Tenn.; Meriden, Conn.; Nashville, Tenn.; New Orleans; New York; Newark, N.J.; Philadelphia; Rockford, Ill.; San Antonio, Texas; Seattle; Springfield, Mass.; Tampa, Fla.; and Washington.

Hispanic Republicans Score Trump for Remarks on Mexicans

"The undersigned are proud Americans who are either Mexican immigrants or children of Mexican immigrants," 11 Hispanic Republicans wrote in an "open letter" to Donald Trump, who insulted Mexican immigrants last month as he began his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, Fox News Latino reported Tuesday.

"Our story, similar to that of millions of immigrants — of all races, creeds and nations — who came before us is one of hard work, faith, perseverance, ingenuity, sacrifice, success and love for America. We are not rapists. We are not criminals. And we do not have a lot of problems, just one — and that is with the comments you made about Mexican immigrants. . . .

"Republicans deserve a standard bearer that appeals to our best hopes, not our worst fears. We need a presidential candidate who focuses on proposing real solutions to issues rather than having sensationalism and demagoguery as a campaign strategy. . . ."

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reported Wednesday, Trump "found a new home for Miss USA on the little-known Reelz Channel after NBC dumped the pageant because of his comments on Mexican immigrants, but fewer than a million television viewers watched.

"That's down sharply from the 5.6 million people who watched Miss USA on NBC in 2014, evidence of the still-potent advantage broadcast television has in showing an event that appears to have more default viewers than people actively seeking it out. . . ."

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