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"Time's Been Up for All These Slurs"

July 13, 2015

Native journalists confident that the R-word will fall; Jason Begay elected to lead Native journalists association; Ta-Nehisi Coates gets the only endorsement he wanted; Brazil paper's use of lynching photo stirs debate; former Memphis anchor still outspoken as council chair; Smiley, on "Face the Nation," blasts Trump coverage; local papers heralded internment camps as job providers (7/13/15)

Native Journalists Confident That the R-Word Will Fall

Jason Begay Elected to Lead Native Journalists Association

Ta-Nehisi Coates Gets the Only Endorsement He Wanted

Brazil Paper's Use of Lynching Photo Stirs Debate

Former Memphis Anchor Still Outspoken as Council Chair

Smiley, on "Face the Nation," Blasts Trump Coverage

Local Papers Heralded Internment Camps as Job Providers

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