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AP Wins Release of Incriminating Cosby File

July 6, 2015

"America's dad" admits giving women sedatives for sex; S.C. Senate votes to take down Confederate flag; ESPN moves celebrity tournament from Trump golf club; Whitlock alienated too many other journalists, writer says; nearly half a million party at Essence Festival; Bay Area TV crews robbed while reporting on homicide; Houston examined as example of economic segregation; Detroit Muslims reclaim working-class black neighborhood (7/6/15)

"America's Dad" Admits Giving Women Sedatives for Sex

S.C. Senate Votes to Take Down Confederate Flag

ESPN Moves Celebrity Tournament From Trump Golf Club

Whitlock Alienated Too Many Other Journalists, Writer Says

Nearly Half a Million Party at Essence Festival

Bay Area TV Crews Robbed While Reporting on Homicide

Houston Examined as Example of Economic Segregation

Detroit Muslims Reclaim Working-Class Black Neighborhood

"This is the story of a Pakistani Muslim from Ann Arbor — a radiologist by trade, an average American by right, a regular Joe who doesn't always go to mosque with his wife and children — on a mission to redefine how people see Muslims:

He is helping to rebuild a broken Detroit neighborhood near a black Muslim mosque,"Rochelle Riley wrote for the Sunday print edition of the Detroit Free Press.

"This also is a story about the reclamation of something lost: the spirit of Black Bottom, a vibrant, working-class, black neighborhood that was home to the city's first black mosque and its close-knit Muslim community, a neighborhood that was paved over six decades ago to build an interstate.

"Pakistani immigrant Waseem Ullah loves America, abhors ISIS and hopes people will judge him by his actions — and his new mission, which began five years ago.

"He was in Chicago with his family, attending the annual Islamic Society of North America conference, where Muslims gather to celebrate the successes of families and mosques. There, he heard a young man speak passionately about plans to build a new black Muslim neighborhood on the city's South Side. . . ."

Riley also wrote, "The development is among many projects across the region being undertaken by Muslim leaders, agencies and mosques to show the resolve and contributions of Muslims, who number more than 200,000 in the tri-county area based on census and survey numbers. . . ."

A note at the end of the report says, "This is the first in a series of stories that explore life for Muslims in metro Detroit. The series grew from a six-month national fellowshipRochelle Riley received in January based on a new genre of reporting called Restorative Narrative — stories that show how people and communities are learning to rebuild and recover in the aftermath, or midst of, difficult times. Riley was one of five inaugural Restorative Narrative Fellows."

"Brown Paper" Shows How to Grow Latino Listenership

"A case study by the Latino Public Radio Consortium examines the strategies and tactics that KPCC followed to increase its listenership among Latinos in Los Angeles, providing a model for other stations seeking to diversify their audiences,"Tyler Falk reported Monday for Current.org.

"The 'Brown Paper,' released last week for distribution at the Public Media Development & Marketing Conference in Washington, D.C., found that KPCC’s total audience has grown 27 percent, and Latino listenership has nearly doubled since 2009. At the end of 2014, the station was the highest-rated public radio station in Los Angeles.

"Its listener-sensitive revenue grew accordingly. The paper reports that KPCC's listener support nearly doubled, from $6.5 million to $11.4 million; corporate underwriting revenue increased from roughly $5.3 million to $7.8 million between 2009 and 2014.

"The effort proved wrong that KPCC would ostracize its white audience by trying to appeal to Latinos, said Edgar Aguirre, an LPRC board member and KPCC's managing director for external relations and strategic initiatives. 'It's a win-win,' he said. . . ."

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