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Praise for Obama, and Then a Dead Mic

June 26, 2015

President's eulogy in Charleston made for riveting TV; mindset behind Confederate monuments mirrors that for flags; can't fault media for not reporting Charleston story; were they "plantations" or "slave labor camps"?; news networks in overdrive on same-sex marriage ruling; ProPublica basks in fair housing decision; Trump, Univision battle after insult to Mexicans; Japanese native tells story of Navajo code talkers (6/26/15)

President's Eulogy in Charleston Made for Riveting TV

Mindset Behind Confederate Monuments Mirrors That for Flags

Can't Fault Media for Not Reporting Charleston Story

Were They "Plantations" or "Slave Labor Camps"?

News Networks in Overdrive on Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

ProPublica Basks in Fair Housing Decision

Trump, Univision Battle After Insult to Mexicans

Japanese Native Tells Story of Navajo Code Talkers

"Kenji Kawano is perhaps best known for his photographs of the Navajo code talkers recruited by the Marines to communicate military orders in their own language in World War II, baffling the Japanese,"Monica Almeida reported Thursday for the New York Times "Lens" blog.

"Around 400 young men, who had never been away from the reservation, served in some of the bloodiest battles in the South Pacific and are credited with helping win the battle of Iwo Jima.

"As a Japanese native, and thus a 'former enemy,' Mr. Kawano might have seemed an unlikely candidate to tell the code talkers' story. But his background is what helped him bond with the Navajo veterans who had remained silent for so many years. Soon after he had settled into the Navajo Nation in 1974 to work on a project, he was struggling to learn the language. . . ."

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