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S.C. Newspapers Play Role in Flag Debate

June 22, 2015

The State out front — black paper most hardline; Obama's mention of N-word gets bleeps, headlines; "Meet the Press" blunders with all-black inmate video; Derrick Jackson taking buyout from Boston Globe; Lester Holt starts new role — Max Robinson would approve; NPR reveals WWII experiments on enlisted men of color; Facebook wants applicant of color for each open position; MTV, Vargas plan film on young whites' racial identity; Cari Champion promoted to anchor of "SportsCenter"; Puerto Rican Day planners accept Daily News statement (6/22/15)

The State Out Front; Black Paper Most Hardline

Obama's Mention of N-Word Gets Bleeps, Headlines

"Meet the Press" Blunders With All-Black Inmate Video

Derrick Jackson Taking Buyout from Boston Globe

Lester Holt Starts New Role; Max Robinson Would Approve

NPR Reveals WWII Experiments on Enlisted Men of Color

Facebook Wants Applicant of Color for Each Open Position

MTV, Vargas Plan Film on Young Whites' Racial Identity

Jose Antonio Vargas in the preview of "White People" (video)

"MTV has teamed with filmmaker Jose Antonio Vargas to create a documentary focusing on how young white people perceive their racial identity in an increasingly multiracial America,"R. Thomas Umstead reported Monday for Multichannel News.

"White People— part of MTV's 'Look Different' anti-bias campaign — will air July 22 on MTV as well as via MTV.com, the MTV App, MTV's Facebook page and its YouTube channel, said network officials. The documentary will follow the lives of five young white people from varying backgrounds who participated in conversations at their local schools and community centers about race, said MTV.

"'Whiteness often remains unexamined in conversations about race in this country, even as it acts as the implicit norm against which other racial identities are judged,' said Stephen Friedman, President of MTV. 'By shining a spotlight on whiteness, we hope White People will serve as a powerful conversation starter that encourages our audience to address racial bias through honest, judgment-free dialogue.'

"Added Vargas: 'Race is a sensitive subject no matter who you are and our goal with the documentary is to treat each person, story and community featured in the documentary with the utmost respect, all while exploring what race means to them.' . . ."

Cari Champion Promoted to Anchor of "SportsCenter"

"ESPN's Cari Champion has received a promotion in every sense of the word, moving from host of hot-take incubator 'First Take' on ESPN2 to the newest anchor of 'SportsCenter,'Matt Bonesteel reported Friday for the Washington Post.

"According to Debbie Emery of the Wrap, which first reported the news Thursday, Champion will begin her morning 'SportsCenter' duties in mid-July and will take part in a series of 'interactions' about sports and entertainment with the crew at 'Good Morning America,' which airs on ESPN sister station ABC.

"'Being in the middle of Stephen A. [Smith] and Skip Bayless: not an easy challenge,' Champion said on her 'Be Honest' podcast. 'If you were to ask anyone, I probably had the toughest job in the building.'

"'First Take' has grown from mere midday filler on ESPN2 to critically reviled midday filler that has become a success in the ratings department. It probably should be noted that most of the critics' ire is directed at the show’s two main personalities — Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless — and a debate-everything format that quickly grows tiresome, not at Champion. . . ."

Puerto Rican Day Planners Accept Daily News Statement

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists and one organizer of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade were critical of a weekend editorial in the Daily News of New York explaining the News' photo of two scantily clad women in Times Square holding a Puerto Rican flags with the words 'Borricua' and 'Pto Rico' painted on their behinds.

However, the parade committee issued an official statement Monday calling the News' response "fair and appropriate."

"We acknowledge the New York Daily News for providing the editorial space to correct the inaccurate reporting, and misrepresentation of our Parade and our people," the committee said on its Facebook page.

"It is a strong and honest step to rectify a mistake, recognize the community’s reaction, and respond in a kind, fair and appropriate manner. The Daily News' editorial is proof that the community has been heard, and a reminder of the need for accurate, serious and responsible news reporting."

Organizers said previously that they had severed all ties with the News.

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