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News Outlets Want Eric Garner Documents

May 22, 2015

"You still have to beg for facts in this country"; reader comments demonize black bikers, praise whites; Claudia Puig, USA Today film critic, takes buyout; photographer's passion makes every day Memorial Day; website picks its "50 sexiest in national TV news"; editorial page editor: If this is liberal agenda, so be it; Asian Americans urged to reject "Model Minority" hype; Angola drops defamation charges against muckraker (5/22/15)

"You Still Have to Beg for Facts in This Country"

Reader Comments Demonize Black Bikers, Praise Whites

Claudia Puig, USA Today Film Critic, Takes Buyout

Photographer's Passion Makes Every Day Memorial Day

Website Picks Its "50 Sexiest in National TV News"

Editorial Page Editor: If This Is Liberal Agenda, So Be It

Asian Americans Urged to Reject "Model Minority" Hype

Angola Drops Defamation Charges Against Muckraker

"In a surprise development, the defamation charges against journalist Rafael Marques de Morais were dropped Thursday by the Angolan military generals who had brought them,"Kerry A. Dolan wrote Thursday for Forbes.

"Marques had been charged with criminal defamation for writing about human rights abuses in Angola's diamond mining region. He alleged that the murders and torture there had been orchestrated by private security and mining companies owned by Angolan generals. Marques could possibly have faced up to nine years in jail if he had been found guilty. . . ."

Dolan also wrote, "Marques cautioned that the trial proceedings are not officially over. The trial will continue with oral submissions on Monday May 25 and the judge will read the sentence on Thursday May 28.

"Marques, a longtime investigative journalist who has highlighted abuses in his country, had widespread and ongoing support from a broad range of human rights and free speech groups, some of which had expected the court to wrongly convict Marques. So the news came as a positive surprise. . . ."

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