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Whites OK With Upcoming Minority Status

May 20, 2015

Resistance to immigration tame compared with past years; Waco bikers include Hispanics, blacks — CNN Called Out; ASNE opposes reauthorizing Patriot Act; man tries to seal news van with reporter sitting inside; Detroit's LeDuff nabs suspect who mugged restaurateur; Iverson's advice: Treat sources like people in your life; 5-part series tackles mental health in the newsroom; female journalists sound alarm on issues affecting women; activists call attention to black women killed by police (5/20/15)

Resistance to Immigration Tame Compared With Past Years

Journalist Houda Malloum, right, interviews a woman in a refugee camp in Chad fo

Female Journalists Sound Alarm on Issues Affecting Women

"Women and children often fare the worst during conflict and in refugee situations," Internews, an international nonprofit organization created to empower local media worldwide, says on its website.

"After the terrible earthquakes in Nepal this month, Viviane Fluck, who is conducting a post-earthquake humanitarian information assessment for Internews, noted that violence against women has been on the rise during the disaster. Fluck recommends leveraging Nepa'’s vibrant community radio sector to help mitigate this situation.

"On the other side of the world, in Chad, journalist Houda Malloum reported for a community radio station set up by Internews to serve refugees from Darfur. She focused an episode on the problem of attacks on Darfuri women and girls who were leaving the refugee camps to gather firewood. The episode helped alert local authorities to the problems of violence against women, and at the same time gave the women alternatives so that they could avoid areas where they might be attacked.

"Women's issues need to be heard so that humanitarian organizations can respond to their particular needs. Women journalists can help drive the debate beyond guns, troops and tents. Local women journalists can provide a better understanding of what women need to take better care of their families and safeguard themselves. . . ."

Activists Call Attention to Black Women Killed by Police

"Weeks after Trayvon Martin was killed in Sanford, Fla., in 2012, a Chicago police officer fatally shot an unarmed 22-year-old black woman in the head as he fired into a group in the early hours of a March morning,"Marcia Davis wrote Wednesday for the Washington Post.

"Not long after Michael Brown, 18, was killed in Ferguson, Mo., last summer, a 21-year-old black woman was found dead in a Pagedale, Mo., cell after being picked up on warrants over a dispute she allegedly had. She had hanged herself with her T-shirt, authorities said, adding that they had video because of cameras in the facility. The case is now closed.

"And in February, before Freddie Gray died from injuries sustained while in the custody of Baltimore police in April, a 37-year-old black female inmate just down the road in Fairfax County, Va., died several days after being shocked with a stun gun. At least six officers were present as the mentally ill woman — hands cuffed, feet shackled and head hooded in a spit mask — was Tasered four times. A medical examiner's ruling that 'excited delirium' was the cause of death has been controversial.

"Rekia Boyd. Kimberlee ­Randle-King. Natasha McKenna.

"Their names and their stories — as well as those of other black women who have been killed by police or died while in their custody — are the focus of several days of activity this week meant to highlight what some activists say has been missing from the national discussion on race and criminal justice: Black women are dying, too, not just black men. . . ."

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