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Journalists Shaken but Safe After Derailment

May 13, 2015

Cheung of AAJA, NBC producer Janelle Richards aboard train; Baltimore Sun says mayor hasn't been uip to the job; Native Americans have a stake in "Black Lives Matter"; some in media missed point of Michelle Obama speech; ASNE to meet public in Newark to discuss urban coverage; low-income consumers need to know about "systems"; nominate a J-educator who has helped diversity (5/13/15);

Cheung of AAJA, NBC's Janelle Richards Aboard Train

Baltimore Sun Says Mayor Hasn't Been Up to the Job

Native Americans Have a Stake in "Black Lives Matter"

Some in Media Missed Point of Michelle Obama Speech

ASNE to Meet Public in Newark to Discuss Urban Coverage

Low-Income Consumers Need to Know About "Systems"

Nominate a J-Educator Who Has Helped Diversity

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