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Protests Shut Killer Cop's Fundraising Page

April 15, 2015

ColorofChange.org says 54,000 members raised objections; . . police accounts should not control the narrative;. . . requests for body cam video met with mixed results; NABJ board spends $190,000 on travel in three years; Percy Sledge was also loved in apartheid South Africa; visitor says Abu-Jamal, imprisoned and ailing, lost 80 lbs.; what do satirical cartoonists say they won't touch? (4/16/15)

ColorofChange.org Says 54,000 Members Raised Objections

. . . Police Accounts Should Not Control the Narrative

. . . Requests for Body Cam Video Met With Mixed Results

NABJ Board Spends $190,000 on Travel in Three Years

Percy Sledge Was Also Loved in Apartheid South Africa

Visitor Says Abu-Jamal, Imprisoned and Ailing, Lost 80 Lbs.

What Do Satirical Cartoonists Say They Won't Touch?

Rubio Trails Clinton, Cruz, Paul in Social Media Reaction

"Sen. Marco Rubio's presidential campaign kickoff on Monday didn’t make quite the splash on Facebook as earlier presidential campaign announcements,"David McCabe reported Tuesday for the Hill.

"His campaign launch generated 1.3 million interactions — which include likes, comments, shares and posts — from 695,000 people in the 24 hours surrounding his Monday evening announcement.

"That puts him behind Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who got bigger reactions on the social network when they announced. Cruz elicited 5.5 million interactions and Paul garnered 1.9 million.

"It's also a small number compared to the 4.7 million people who generated 10.1 million interactions about Hillary Clinton’s announcement. . . ."

Why Do Journalists of Color Have Lower Job Satisfaction?

Female journalists are experiencing more job burnout, and more intend to leave the field or are uncertain about their futures than their male counterparts, new research from a University of Kansas professor shows, the university announced on April 9.

Scott Reinardy, professor of journalism, messaged Journal-isms on Tuesday that he also looked at minority groups in his survey of more than 1,600 journalists, including more than 500 women.

"In this study, the only significant difference found on the variables (burnout, job satisfaction, work overload, organizational support, and perception of work quality) between Caucasians and minority groups is job satisfaction. The minority group had significantly less job satisfaction. Because I have not parsed the open-ended responses, I cannot say why that would be the case. Perhaps you can provide some insights. . . ."

The study included 156 people who listed themselves as African American, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, Native American or other.

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